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Horizon Bradco Products

MATADOR 6.8.4 Deck Oven

The MATADOR is electrically operated and with single-deck control. It can be heated up extremely quickly and is ideally adapted to every in-store situation. It is suitable for bread and rolls, pastries and cakes, snacks and pizzas. • 4 Deck • Deck oven for two 26”L x 36”W baking sheets • Baking plate in stone… Read more »

Linie 2000A Open Kettle Fryer

The automatic version Linie 2000A has been designed to cover a full automatic application for deep frying and ensures uniform frying results through its mode of operation. Riehle‘s special dough tray enables to dump the doughs accordingly into the oil. • Automatic steam lid that seals when closed • Digital heater for precise temperature control… Read more »

DLA150 Continuous Fryer

The WP Riehle DLA Continuous Open Kettle Fryer enables a continuous frying process and an always-constant frying result. The transport conveyor with submerging belt submerges the products, guiding them through the fryer and transporting them out automatically at the end. • Continuous deep fryer with conveyor • Usable frying width: 6” • Frying length: 26”… Read more »

Instore Baking Softstar Roll Line

The transition between Craft and Industrial baking is today quite seamless. Wherever buns and shaped rolls need to be produced in a tight timeframe in large quantities and simultaneously with a high quality and large variation, which is where a high capacity Head Machine from WP Kemper pays off very quickly. • Dough dividing and… Read more »

SP Spiral Dough Mixer

This mixer combines the agility of a small mobile mixer and the power of a quality mixer. • Steel stand • Stainless steel bowl and mixing tool • Manual/automatic selector switch • Push-button control • Clockwise/anti-clockwise bowl rotation • 56”L x 37”W x 51”H

ITES 60/40 Oven

The ITES oven from WP is an infra-red oven and convection oven in one with many other unique features. The oven is designed especially to bake off pre-baked frozen breads, snacks such as pizza slices, sausage rolls, pretzels and much, much more. Its low power consumption and fast start up time and small footprint means… Read more »

FLEXON Cube and Strip Cutting Machine

FLEXON can be used for a variety of applications and is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies and catering businesses. Meat, sausage, and cheese can be diced or cut into stripes, but it is also able to grate cheese or slice potatoes and cucumbers. • Cutting chamber 21’7/10” in length… Read more »

TM-050 Thermoforming Machine

Sipromac thermoformers shape flexible or rigid trays customized to your products and cover them with a plastic film to make them perfectly sealed. These machines are ideal for production where efficiency and speed are required. • Stainless construction • 5/8” conveyor chain • Touch control panel • Pneumatic component cabinet • Protection guard with electronic… Read more »

PUMA 700 F Portion Cutter

When performance and precision align, PUMA certainly makes the cut — even at speeds of up to 400 cuts per minute (with the double blade). • One blade and blade cover • 400 cuts per minute • Cross‐section: 8’3/5” x 9’1/2” • Max infeed length: 27’3/5” • Cuts cooled/frozen products to ‐4°C/24.8°F • Single/double blade… Read more »

TWISTER BASIC Cube and Strip Cutting Machine

TWISTER basic is a solid machine that impresses with its easy equipment and nevertheless convinces with high standards. It’s ideal for all who are looking for a cost-effective solution for perfect cutting quality in the mid-range performance class. • Output: 4410 lbs/hr • Automatic pre-compression system • Cutting chamber dimensions: 19.6”L x 4.7”W x 4.7”H… Read more »